One of the broadest categories covered in our recently released 2017 SDi Global Assessment Report: The Laboratory Analytical & Life Science Instrumentation Industry is laboratory equipment segment. We define this segment as being comprised of lab centrifuges, transfection solutions, water purification systems, extraction techniques, gas generators, concentrators and evaporators, fume hoods, incubators, biological safety cabinets, […]


In our 2017 SDi Global Assessment Report: The Analytical & Life Science Instrumentation Industry, Life Science is one of the ten major categories we cover and one of the most important. Life Science constitutes the largest market segment accounting for a quarter of the total analytical instruments market. In 2016, the Life Science market grew […]

World business background

Strategic Directions International (SDi), a division of BioInformatics LLC, today announced the release of the 2017 Global Assessment Report: The Laboratory Analytical & Life Science Instrumentation Industry. The 800+ page report details the size, growth and depicts market share for 82 separate categories of laboratory instruments and consumables. In addition projections are made on the […]


With 2016 sales of $3.8 billion, we project the mass spectrometry market is on track for solid growth this year, buoyed by new innovations and detection capabilities across several vendors’ product lines. The market’s growth will be fueled by applications in life science, food safety and clinical research. Quadrupole LC/MS demand accounts for about one-third […]


Chromatography sales reached nearly $8.5 billion in 2016, having rebounded from weak growth due to currency effects in the previous year. In 2017, moderate sales increases are expected to continue. We project this market segment will be fueled by the rise of clinical chromatography, as well as increased regulations in the pharmaceutical and food industries, […]


In our 2017 IBO Review & Forecast issue, we report that instrument and laboratory product companies, just like other industries, felt the effects of 2016’s high degree of uncertainty. Political developments, such as Brexit and the US election, as well as economic questions, including growth expectations for China and the possibility of higher US interest […]


The Instrument Business Outlook “Company of the Year” Award honors a company that has demonstrated outstanding technical, operational and financial achievements during the year. IBO’s 12th annual “Company of the Year” Award goes to Bio-Techne. In 2016, life science research and biopharma drug development were key markets for technical innovation, sales demand and customer engagement. Bio-Techne capitalized […]


More than 125 industry executives joined us at the Hilton Bayfront in San Diego on November 15 to hear which companies won the 2016 Life Science Industry Awards®. The Life Science Industry Awards recognize the life science suppliers that scientists consider best-in-class in 13 product, service and communications categories. As the premier market research and […]