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As many subscribers have described it, IBO is analogous to The Wall Street Journal for the analytical instruments industry. Not only does IBO provide news briefings, but it offers viewpoints and strategic analysis of important market events.

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Instrument Business Outlook is a twice-monthly newsletter aimed at providing decision-makers with the latest and most complete information available on the analytical & life science instruments markets. IBO delivers the latest industry events, trends and SDi data and analysis in an easy to read format with graphs and tables to deliver the maximum in industry insight with a minimum time investment for executives and investors.

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The Science Advisory Board is a panel made up of over 70,000 qualified life scientists and medical professionals. Our members are available to participate in periodic studies about your products and services.

Dr. Anne Rascle

Dr. Anne Rascle is a Principal Investigator at the University Of Regensburg, whose research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of transcriptional regulation by STAT5 (Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription) in normal and cancer cells

Dr. Anne RascleUniversity Of Regensburg, Member since 2011
Dr. Vincenza Rita Lo Vasco

Dr. Lo Vasco is an assistant professor and principal investigator at Sapienza University of Rome where she works on analyzing gene expression of signaling molecules in tumor progression, with special regard to Phosphoinositide-specific Phospholipases C (PI-PLCs). She also collaborates with research groups  studying therapeutic use of stem cells in cardiac diseases.

Dr. Vincenza Rita Lo VascoSapienza University of Rome, Member since 2011
Dr. Louis Ragolia

Dr. Louis Ragolia is the Director at Winthrop-University Hospital Vascular Biology Institute. He is also an Associate Professor at Stony Brook University School of Medicine. Vascular Biology Institute is renowned for its research that focuses primarily on the pathogenic mechanisms responsible for the development of cardiovascular complications.

Dr. Louis RagoliaWinthrop-University Hospital Vascular Biology Institute, Member since 2010
Dr. Alex Gaither

Dr. Alex Gaither manages a drug discovery team and conducts multiple target validation projects at Novartis. His team’s mission is to identify novel genetic targets and validate both the functional and therapeutic feasibility of these targets for cancer treatment. A core team of experts supports this portfolio validation process.

Dr. Alex GaitherNovartis, Member since 2002