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We at BioInformatics LLC are excited to ring in the new year, and I hope you are, too. 2011 was a great year for us; we launched a new website, we hosted the Life Science Industry Awards®, we increased our presence in many of our major accounts and we established relationships with companies we've never done business with before.

We are off to a running start in 2012. With a full project load, we continue to deliver high-quality market research to clients that have put their faith in us—many of them for years.

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Market Research Expertise eMarketing to Life Scientists
The increasingly social environment of electronic communication has resulted in a gradual evolution in how consumers respond to companies' eMarketing messages. The prevalence of social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn in people's personal lives has resulted in a shift toward a communication style that is more immediate (i.e., exchanging information instantaneously), emotive (i.e., expressing one's feelings/ opinions in real time), and persuasive (i.e., connecting with people en masse and accelerate change). This emerging style has even begun to influence how consumers, including life scientists, respond to companies through non-social media communication channels including email and websites.

In our 2011 report, eMarketing to Life Scientists: Raise Your Voice Above the Noise, we explored key communication channels between life science vendors and their customers and the growing opportunities these channels present to engage with them. For life science vendors, the secret to a successful eMarketing campaign is integration across the different electronic communication channels. This strategy will allow vendors to reinforce their messages and tailor their deployment strategy to match their customer's appetite for the consumption of these messages.

We found that the vast majority of respondents indicated that social media has not changed their relationship with vendors—either for better or for worse. For the small percent of respondents who did suggest that there has been an improvement, most of them cited the usefulness of specific mobile applications developed by vendors. A few others mentioned that they thought social media allows them to have better interactions with vendors and other customers who are using similar products. For those respondents who stated that their relationships with vendors have soured because of the impacts of social media, some thought vendors were wasting their time by providing useless or too much information while others resent the fact that some vendors are using it to replace more traditional forms of customer service and support.

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Need an affordable way to get in-depth data on the NGS market?

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The Global Outlook for Next Generation Sequencing: Usage, Platform Drivers & Workflow explores the following market analytics:
  • Instrumentation adoption projections for current and future users of NGS technology
  • Technology drivers, (i.e., reasons for using NGS over other technologies)
  • Market share by brand of NGS platform
  • Comparison of maximum instrument read lengths and yield with actual read lengths and yield needed by scientists
  • Sources of funding that will be used to purchase NGS instrument and the percent of funding ascribed to each source
  • Primary research application(s) preferred for each NGS platform
  • Technologies used for sample prep/selection/amplification and/or validation
  • Unmet current and future NGS technology needs
The report also explores the following brand analytics:
  • Unaided and aided brand awareness of NGS instrument brands
  • Brand comparisons across multiple criteria (i.e., accuracy of reads, assay costs, cost of platform/instrument, ease of use, innovation of technology, and turn around time/experiment time)
  • Perceptions of "Best in Class" for NGS platform suppliers across multiple criteria
  • Platform attributes scientists look for when purchasing NGS instrument
  • Satisfaction levels with NGS platform attributes
  • Most important NGS platform provider (i.e., corporate) attributes
  • Satisfaction levels with NGS platform provider attributes
  • Value for price paid for specific provider's NGS product offering
  • Willingness to recommend NGS provider
  • Most popular brands of consumables for sample preparation, sample selection, and pre-sample amplification kits
  • Preferred sources of information about NGS product offerings
This study will also provide in-depth analytics related to NGS workflow by examining:
  • NGS work flow steps performed and who/what entity performs steps (i.e., degree of outsourcing)
  • Percent of time spent on each of the NGS workflow steps and the perceived level of difficulty associated with each step
  • The NGS workflow step(s) resulting in the greatest research bottlenecks
  • Scientists' perceptions of how can life science providers can best address these bottlenecks
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New Report
Brand Performance in the Life Science Industry
Based on the Results of the 2011 Life Science Industry Awards Over 6,000 scientists participated in the nomination and voting process for the 2011 Life Science Industry Awards. These scientific consumers evaluated a significant number of life science supplier companies on multiple product and service attributes, and the BioInformatics LLC analyst team used this data to analyze company rankings and to determine the winners.

But going beyond winner and finalist positions, in the full report, Enabling Discovery: The 2011 Life Science Industry Awards, additional analysis was performed in each product category to provide insight on the following:

Customer Value Score: Customer Value Scores are provided for each of the finalist and winning companies. (See Market Research Expertise below for a description of the Customer Value Score.)

Voting Totals: Actual percent of total votes, plus an adjustment for respondents' confidence in their votes will be included.

Brand Awareness: Responses are charted with regard to whether or not the respondent was aware that the company sold products in each category.

Usage: Present, past and primary usage are identified for suppliers in each category.

Market Position: Brand experience versus customer usage are charted, to include a customer loyalty indicator.

Customer Satisfaction: How well each company provides what is needed to conduct experiments is identified, with each supplier ranked against the competition on an easy-to-read map.

In the marketing & communications categories, top performers are charted by service and support attributes, the likelihood to continue using and the likelihood to recommend.

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3D Market Position Map for Nominees in the Best Performing Antibodies Category in 2011

Industry Spotlight Fresh Thinking by David Lorenz Life science industry marketing veteran David Lorenz talks about selling to life scientists in tough times:

Ask-a-Scientist Results
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"Biology occupies a position among the sciences at once marginal and central. Marginal because—the living world constituting but a tiny and very "special" part of the universe—it does not seem likely that the study of living beings will ever uncover general laws applicable outside the biosphere. But if the ultimate aim of he whole of science is indeed, as I believe, to clarify man's relationship to the universe, then biology must be accorded a central position..."

-Jacques Monod, French biologist, awarded the Nobel Price in Physiology or Medicine

Isaac Newton, on how he made discoveries:

"By always thinking unto them. I keep the subject constantly before me and wait till the first dawnings open little by little into the full light."

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