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Statistical Modeling

A rich combination of statistical analysis and industry knowledge, our studies are tailored specifically for the life science market. We offer the following market research data collection services:

  • Online Surveys
  • Dynamic Online Focus Groups
  • Teleconference Focus Groups
  • Thought Leader Interviews

Statistical Models

But collecting data is just the beginning. Your company needs to use the data to divine a variety of possible permutations where applications, technologies/techniques and lab flow can be creatively combined to yield innovative solutions. How can the responses best be summarized to improve upon your existing offerings? Can the data be used to create “what if” scenarios that examine new ways of serving the same customers or expanding into new markets?

These are just a few of the questions we explore with our statistical modeling techniques so that you can envision a world beyond your current market and existing product line. These models provide a powerful framework for using a study’s results to analyze the strategies and competitive advantages of individual players and the future structure of the life science market.

Possible Solution:
Brand Differentiation Analysis: Companies that are perceived as being similar in general or in a specific area are likely to attract customers from one another through a variety of marketing activities. Understand if your brand image is perceived how you intend it to be.




Possible Solution:
Demand Analysis: Using a sophisticated weighting method used to predict the percentage of the population who are likely to purchase in a given time period, results obtained from this analysis can be extrapolated to a potential customer base to estimate the approximate number of instruments that are likely to be purchased.



Possible Solution:
Optimal Mix of Product Features: End-users rate select product features of a new product or product concept using a ranking system designed to understand the value of each product feature if it was or was not present in the new product's design/function. Using a complex evaluation table, the product features are classified into one of four quality categories: Must-have, One-dimensional, Attractive, or Indifferent.



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