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Focus Groups

Sometimes, it is necessary to go beyond basic quantitative research and do a deep dive into how scientists think—and feel—about your offering. Surprisingly, many market research firms are unqualified to truly get inside the minds and hearts of the customers you serve. At BioInformatics, we facilitate in-depth discussions using a unique blend of business analysts AND scientists, bringing market research expertise and knowledge of the bench to each project.

Our expertise extends well beyond the run-of-the-mill scripted facilitation. Through years of experience, we understand how to put participants at ease, encourage thoughtful contribution across the group and dynamically extract the answers critical to informing your business decisions.

We can assist you with any or all aspects of focus group design, implementation and delivery of results, including:

  • Develop screener and discussion guide
  • Program CGI/JavaScript as necessary
  • Create/Send recruitment messages
  • Screen and select focus group participants
  • Moderate online focus group session with client observers
  • Fulfill incentives
  • Provide electronic transcription
  • Provide oral debriefing
  • Compile findings in written or oral presentation
  • Provide in-depth analysis and our strategic recommendations

And because of our direct link to thousands of qualified scientists, we can very quickly convene the right scientists at the right time to discuss your most pressing topics.

We use several methods of facilitating live discussions with scientists:


Methodologies | Online Surveys | Thought Leader Interviews | Statistical Modeling

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"I would like to thank you for your outstanding efforts. Throughout the period we have worked together, it has been a pleasure to work with you. I truly appreciated your flexibility in the development phase, where you accommodated many comments and edits from me." - Product Manager, Cell-based Assays

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