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The Science Advisory Board®

What Sets Us Apart

Since 1994, major life science, medical device and pharmaceutical suppliers have been relying on BioInformatics, LLC for strategic market insights and faster, more informed decision-making.

Why us?

Because we have the most direct, qualified link to the scientists who buy your products. Our survey-takers are hand-selected by us so that we can maintain a high degree of integrity in each sample. Where other firms throw wide nets by renting lists (from publications, conferences etc.), we distill our respondents down to the type of scientists that you specify—drawing from all aspects of the life science and medical fields.

The Science Advisory Board®

One of our largest reservoirs of qualified scientists is The Science Advisory Board (, our online panel of over 70,000 life scientists and medical professionals. Applicants are individually reviewed by The Science Advisory Board staff before being accepted as board members. Not only do we know who they are, what they do and what instruments they use, our members have agreed to be available to take part in periodic studies about your products and services.

 The Science Advisory Board provides:

  • Qualified Scientists — The application to become a member of The Science Advisory Board includes a significant amount of detail about each scientist and medical professional. Each application is individually reviewed and validated by our staff before being approved for membership.
  • Fast and Accurate Results — Our immediate access to members yields rapid response times to surveys.
  • Qualified Respondents — We maintain strict quality control procedures to make sure survey response quotas are filled with qualified scientists.
  • Past Survey Database — Going beyond the detailed profiles we maintain for each member of The Science Advisory Board, we have stored thousands of responses to past surveys, which further enables us to identify specific scientists by the type of research they do and products they use.
  • Follow-up Studies — Because of our on-going relationship with scientists on our board, we can pull from the same sample when you need to obtain additional data, or when you would like to conduct trending studies.
  • Predictable Response Rates — We offer an attractive awards program to our board members to encourage regular participation in studies — high response rates are typical.

In addition to The Science Advisory Board, we maintain a proprietary database of just under 500,000 life scientists that we often tap into to help us out with special projects and activities.

And if we don’t have the scientists you need to hear from on our board or in our database, we have a team of researchers standing by to find them for you.

We will put to work our board, our database and our years of experience in mining the global network of scientists to find just the right ones for you.


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"The study results are super. Iíve started giving presentations to various groups on the findings. The team will use the results to guide our plans for expansion of the product line. It was a pleasure, as always, to work with you." - Business Unit Brand Director, Nonprofit Biological Research Organization

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