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Life Science Industry Awards®

The 2011 Life Science Industry Awards®

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011, 6:30-9:30 PM
The Grand Hyatt, Washington D.C.

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Congratulations to the Winners!

Most Memorable Advertising:
Bio-Rad Laboratories

Best Workflow Solutions (Genomics):

Best Molecular Biology Products:
Life Technologies

Best Genomics Analysis Kits & Reagents:
Life Technologies

Best Instrumentation for Genomic Analysis:
Life Technologies

Most Useful Website:
New England Biolabs

Best Use of Digital Media:

Best General Lab Equipment:

Best Antibodies:
Cell Signaling Technology

Best Cell Analysis Instruments (Flow Cytometer-Based):
BD Biosciences

Best Cell Biology Products:
Life Technologies

Best Cell Culture Media & Reagents:
Life Technologies (Gibco)

Best Workflow Solutions (Cell-Based Research):
Life Technologies (Gibco)

Best Cell Biology Instruments (Microscope-Based):
Carl Zeiss

Best Nucleic Acid Purification & Separation Products:

Most Innovating Pricing:
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Best Customer Service & Technical Support:
Life Technologies

Most Helpful Salesforce:
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Best Protein Expression & Analysis Products:
Bio-Rad Laboratories

Best Protein Purification & Separation Products:
GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Best Instrumentation for Protein Analysis & Purification:
GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Best Workflow Solutions (Proteomics):
GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Best High Throughput Screening & Analysis Systems:

Best High Throughput Sequencing Platform:

Breakthrough Products Neuroscience Research:

Breakthrough Products Microbiology Research:
BD (Difco)

Breakthrough Products Stem Cell Research:
STEMCELL Technologies

Breakthrough Products Cancer Research:
Cell Signaling Technology

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