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Why Purchase our Reports

Our published reports have unique qualities that create value unmatched by other firms:

Source of Independent, Unbiased Research
Unlike reports from other firms that are based on an analyst's subjective summary of information from publicly available sources, our reports are based on the results of detailed surveys of hundreds—even thousands—of scientific and medical professionals who buy your products.

Developed by a Team of Experts
Our questionnaires are developed by a multi-disciplinary team of scientists, industry veterans and market research experts with years of experience. These professionals understand that survey questions need to be asked in a way that ensures the answers will directly address the business challenges you face. Once the survey data is collected, this same team creates a unique report that presents the reader with a thorough understanding of the topic, and the scientific and business implications of the results based on sophisticated statistical analytics.

Carefully Selected Survey Participants
When others promote results from their online surveys, they fail to mention the uncontrolled nature of their broadcast email invitations. To provide you with the most valid and accurate results possible, the respondents to our surveys are members of our unique online panel—The Science Advisory Board®—which consists of thousands verified life science and biomedical professionals who have agreed to take part in our surveys, focus groups and other market research activities. These respondents are carefully selected based on their professional qualifications, market segments and geographic regions. We can even select them based on the products they use and their preferred suppliers.

Complimentary Consulting Provided
With your purchase, we offer one free hour of consultation with our talented team of scientific and business analysts who created the report. During this consultation, we can answer any questions you may have about the survey results and what we believe to be the significant trends affecting the market.

Custom Analysis & Research Available
If you'd like to delve deeper into the data from a study, we can always perform custom cross-tabulations or other analysis on your behalf. We can even pose follow-up questions to respondents who answered in a particular way or conduct a custom study to extend your knowledge.

Several Formats Offered
To accommodate your unique needs, our reports are available in several formats:

  • Print Copy—This tangible copy can quickly be referenced from your bookshelf, and its binding makes it easy to flip through to locate or compare charts and tables. To ensure you receive the report promptly, it is delivered by 2-day express delivery within the U.S. and by expedited air delivery outside the U.S. Additional print copies are also available for only $300 each.
  • Company-wide Electronic Copy (PDF)—This format allows an unlimited number of users within your organization to access the report regardless of geographic location. You may place the electronic copy on your secure, corporate intranet or share it with co-workers via email. In addition to providing greater accessibility, the electronic copy allows you to easily navigate the document with the help of bookmarks, quickly search key words or phrases and print out any page. For quick and easy delivery, it is emailed straight to your inbox.
  • Data Set—With the raw data, you can further analyze respondents’ answer choices in any way needed, including cross-tabulations, correlations, etc. The data set is offered in two formats: SPSS Base or Microsoft Excel, and may only be purchased in conjunction with the company-wide electronic copy of the report.

Detailed Information Provided Before You Buy
We offer a free Executive Summary for each title, which includes an overview, report highlights, the table of contents, sample page(s), the methodology and questionnaire used to conduct the study as well as the demographics of the participants. Press releases and free-text comments from participants provide additional insight into the value of the report.

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