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Maximizing Sales Channel Performance—Evaluating Websites and Catalogs

Product catalogs must be easy to use. Websites, often encompassing the product catalog and more, must be clear, concise and simple to navigate. Making it easy for a customer to order your products increases order confidence, branding, cross-selling, customer education and order volume. As scientists rely more heavily on the Internet to order products, the potential to gain market share through effective use of this channel is greater than ever before. A BioInformatics Sales Channel Analysis provides a measured evaluation to insure that your catalog or website is performing at its best.

Case Study: How do users perceive my catalog and how can it be changed to improve sales?

By conducting a readership study of our client’s catalog, BioInformatics determined how scientists were using the catalog and assessed customers’ satisfaction with their experience. Working closely with our client, we evaluated how actual users read and purchase from the catalog. Instead of an insulated boardroom debate, the client used our primary data from the field with analyses that uncovered key insights into catalog use among their most important customer segments.

Understanding Sales Channel Evaluation
Product websites and catalogs serve marketing, sales, and communication roles for most life science suppliers. They provide the front line of contact between suppliers and their customers for product and service inquiries. To help our clients get the most out of this communication, BioInformatics has developed a suite of services designed to maximize sales channel performance. Each service is tailored to a specific channel:

  • Website evaluations – BioInformatics conducts website “scavenger hunts” and professional design evaluations to assess content, navigability, and overall site usability. These tools combine survey data with a technical consultation to provide a full-service solution that results in enhanced Web site performance.
  • Catalog evaluations – Our readership studies allow suppliers to collect data from actual catalog users. Results are used to evaluate the supplier catalog design and ease-of-use of supplier catalogs. (Graph below)

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