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Using Customer Feedback to Evaluate Ad Concepts

Suppliers often take large risks when launching advertising campaigns. Ad Effectiveness Testing is a cost-saving solution that analyzes feedback from actual life scientists to assess the potential impact of ad campaigns and to improve advertising return-on-investment. Ad concept tests can validate new campaigns, or reveal it's time to cut bait on old ones. Either way, a small investment in ad testing can yield a large return - by helping you target your market, refine your message and maximize your advertising dollars.

Case Study: Does our ad evoke the reactions we want from our customers?

A leading life science supplier sought to gain confidence before sending a finished ad to press. BioInformatics tested the ad with over 100 scientists to evaluate its emotional, intellectual, actionable, and negative characteristics. In addition, we tested the impact that the ad would have on a number of desired outcomes (e.g., likelihood to purchase from supplier's Web site). The ad concept test evaluated the text and imagery of the ad and collected data regarding the preferences of the scientists in the sample.

Uncovering Feature Importance and Best Overall Instrument Design For Ad Effectiveness Testing, BioInformatics uses a variety of tools to evaluate print and online advertising concepts. The flagship tool in our arsenal is AdAssay, our proprietary ad testing methodology. Developed using widely accepted attributes of ad effectiveness, AdAssay can assess advertisements in the concept, pre-launch, or post-launch phases. Using this method, advertisements are evaluated by the target audience across four key factors:

  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Actionable
  • Negative

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AdAssay is a flexible tool that can evaluate multiple ads or a single ad, from any phase in the development process. It provides a cost-effective method of gathering feedback from actual customers before incurring the expense of ad publication. In addition, this technique is an effective tool for ads already in the field so that you can find out if they are having the impact you expected. Using this tool, BioInformatics provides the ability to conduct a quantitative, scientific analysis on scientific ads!


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"I want to point out how grateful I am for all of your efforts that have gone into this have played a very important role in making it successful, both in terms of helping out with the questionnaire, and of course, in gathering the data. I have really enjoyed working with all of you throughout the process. " - Strategy Analyst, Major Life Science Company

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