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In an era where people are slammed with messages, can your customers pick you out of a crowd? If you are investing in email campaigns, snail mail campaigns, advertising, catalogs and Web design, your theme must ring clear so that customers recognize—right away—when outreach has come from you.

At BioInformatics, we have been tracking the marketing, advertising, and sales channel preferences of life scientists for over a decade. We bring this depth of experience and these insights to each study we conduct for our clients.

Message Testing
Clear, concise communication calls people to action. BioInformatics' Message Testing methodology gauges life scientists’ behavioral responses to marketing campaigns. We can help make sure your marketing dollar is spent on a message that says it well, sets you apart and inspires your customers to act.

Ad Effectiveness
An estimated 50% of advertising campaigns generate little or no sales return. BioInformatics can help you narrow in on the ones that will work—and the ones that won’t—by testing your ads on life scientists before you launch your campaign. Using our Ad Effectiveness methodology, we can test your ads for clarity of content and ability to call to action, and ultimately provide you with the data you need to make a “Go” or No Go” decision on a pricey advertising campaign.

Sales Channels (Websites and Catalogs)
Catalogs and websites do more than process transactions. These sales channels can provide a positive brand experience that promotes ongoing client relationships. For first-time customers, sales channels that are easy to use and showcase your products effectively will enhance your brand's user experience. For existing customers, these channels reinforce long-term bonds with your brand and products, often becoming an integral part of your clients' standard procurement processes. Using our Sales Channels Analysis, we can assess where your catalog or website is meeting, exceeding, or falling short of the kind of purchasing experience that keeps your customers coming back.

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"Thank you for all of your work, you and your team. This is great! After reading the transcripts and the summary, I find all of the conclusions to be consistent, logical and reasonable. " - Business Development Manager, Nonprofit Biological Resource Center

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