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Your Brand

The strength of your brand determines how well your customers know you, trust you, and distinguish you from other brands. The challenge for life science suppliers is to quantify these “soft” variables and design a concrete branding strategy that works.

BioInformatics has years of experience in distilling—straight from the source—what scientists think about suppliers. We ask the right questions so you can support your branding strategy with hard data. With our proven research techniques and on-target market insights, you can design a branding strategy that increases customer satisfaction, promotes brand loyalty and captures market share.

Brand Awareness
Find out—in detail—how your customers perceive your brand. Does your product or service pass the customer approval test? Does your logo inspire confidence in the lab? We can provide the feedback you need—directly from the scientists—about the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. Using our Brand Awareness analytics, we can measure the health of your brand so you can target areas for improvement.

Brand Strength
Unless you are the only supplier of your product, scientists will regularly compare you to your competition. Find out how you rate with our Brand Strength Analysis. We can identify how well your products are perceived as compared to those of other suppliers. This analysis will help you leverage your strengths so you can distinguish your offering from that of your competitors.

Brand Differentiation
The key to successful branding is to meet your customer’s needs in a way that is different from how your competitors do it. If scientists are not aware of whose product they’re using, your product is liable to become a commodity. Furthermore, your customers can easily be picked off by a look-a-like supplier. Using our Brand Differentiation Analysis, we can help you determine whether or not your customers perceive your offering as unique, thereby identifying opportunities for increasing customer loyalty.

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"I want to point out how grateful I am for all of your efforts that have gone into this have played a very important role in making it successful, both in terms of helping out with the questionnaire, and of course, in gathering the data. I have really enjoyed working with all of you throughout the process. " - Strategy Analyst, Major Life Science Company

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