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Your Customer

The cost of acquiring new customers is a lot higher than keeping the current ones happy. At BioInformatics, we are experts in finding out what scientist think—about you.

Monitoring how your customers feel about your products and services should be an on-going process; customer retention is one of the most significant contributions to your bottom line.


Customer Satisfaction
Divining what customers will actually invest in—versus what they would like to have—is a science that can be tough to quantify. However, most customers are clear on what they don’t like. To provide you with hard data on Customer Satisfaction, we use statistical models that help you monetize your customers’ preferences. Our analyses will allow you to identify which attributes fall below customer expectations, which ones are performing well, and what attributes could be added to positively impact overall customer satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty
Highly satisfied customers are more loyal, buy new products, recommend the brand to others, overlook competing brands, offer helpful feedback and cost less to retain than new customers. But because customer satisfaction levels are high across many brands, relying on customer satisfaction metrics isn’t enough. Using our Customer Loyalty Analysis, we can measure other customer behavior, such as intent to continue using your products or willingness to recommend your products to others. Loyalty metrics such as these point directly to the strength of your company’s growth engine.

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"I would like to thank you for your outstanding efforts. Throughout the period we have worked together, it has been a pleasure to work with you. I truly appreciated your flexibility in the development phase, where you accommodated many comments and edits from me." - Product Manager, Cell-based Assays

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