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30 Day Deal: Brand Performance in the Life Science Industry

Based on the Results of the 2011 Life Science Industry Awards

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Over 6,000 scientists participated in the nomination and voting process for the 2011 Life Science Industry Awards. These scientific consumers evaluated a significant number of life science supplier companies on multiple product and service attributes, and the BioInformatics LLC analyst team used this data to analyze company rankings and to determine the winners.

But going beyond winner and finalist positions, in our 2011 report, Brand Performance in the Life Science Industry, analysis was performed in each product category to provide insight on the following:

Customer Value Score: Customer Value Scores are provided for each of the finalist and winning companies.

Voting Totals: Actual percent of total votes, plus an adjustment for respondents' confidence in their votes will be included.

Brand Awareness: Responses are charted with regard to whether or not the respondent was aware that the company sold products in each category.

Usage: Present, past and primary usage are identified for suppliers in each category.

Market Position: Brand experience versus customer usage are charted, to include a customer loyalty indicator.

Customer Satisfaction: How well each company provides what is needed to conduct experiments is identified, with each supplier ranked against the competition on an easy-to-read map.

In the marketing & communications categories, top performers are charted by service and support attributes, the likelihood to continue using and the likelihood to recommend.

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3D Market Position Map for Nominees in the Best Performing Antibodies Category in 2011

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