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Enhancing the Customer Experience: Insights and Life Science Supplier Rankings

Report # 13-002
Publication Date Mar 2013
Page Count 213
Publisher BioInformatics LLC

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Enhancing the Customer Experience: Insights and Life Science Supplier Rankings


Study Objectives:

  • Provide vendors with the ability to benchmark the customer experience enjoyed by their customers against those of competitors.
  • Identify the relative strengths and weaknesses of each vendor on each customer experience touchpoint.
  • Determine the relative importance of each touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.

Report Overview:

BioInformatics LLC announces the release of Enhancing the Customer Experience: Insights and Life Science Supplier Rankings. The scope of this study spans the pre-purchase, product-usage and post-purchase experience with 25 life science supplier companies.

We’ve asked over 1,000 scientists to evaluate their supplier companies on customer touchpoints that occur during the time spent researching products, during the selection process and after the sale is made.

Customer experience.The following companies are evaluated in this study:

Agilent Technologies
BD Biosciences
Beckman Coulter
Bio-Rad Laboratories
Cell Signaling Technologies
Corning Life Sciences
EMD Millipore
Fisher Scientific
GE Healthcare
Life Technologies
PerkinElmer Life Sciences
R&D Systems
Roche Applied Science
Thermo Scientific

Check out a Q&A with Dr. Robin Rothrock, Director of Publications at BioInformatics LLC

Key Findings Included

Report Highlights


Respondent Familiarity

1. Suppliers respondents have purchased from in the last 6 months

2. Use of consumables vs. instrumentation per supplier


Customer Impressions

3. Familiarity lab supplier: Range of products

4. Believability of advertising by supplier

5. Frequency of conference booth visit by supplier


Customer Experience

6. Ease of website search by supplier

7. Ease of determining the best product for customer needs by supplier

8. Satisfaction with pricing and promotions offered by supplier


The Products

9. Frequency of products received in good condition upon delivery by supplier

10. Clarity of product instructions by supplier

11. User-friendliness of product packaging by supplier

12. Eco-friendliness of product packaging by supplier

13. How well products cover experimental workflow by supplier

14. Innovativeness of products provided by supplier



15. Helpfulness of sales reps by supplier

16. Responsiveness of sales reps by supplier

17. Favorableness of impression of customer service by supplier

18. Degree to which phone/email support answers questions by supplier

19. Degree to which online support answers questions by supplier

20. Degree to which in-lab support answers questions by supplier



21. Likelihood of recommendation to associate or colleague by supplier

22. Satisfaction of products and services by supplier

23. Overall customer experience ratings by supplier

24. Number of years respondents have been customers by supplier

25. Characteristic pairs by supplier:

o          Approachable / Arrogant

o          Purchase wide-range of products / Purchase narrow range of products

o          Easy to get the products I need / Difficult to get the products I need

o          Affordable / Premium

o          Responsive / Unresponsive

o          Service is better than 1 year ago / Service is worse than 1 year ago


More about the respondents

26. Role in selecting instrumentation and reagents for the lab

27. Method of ordering

28. Demographics: Age, gender, area of research

29. Weighing the importance of the following factors to purchasing:

•           Awareness of supplier products (i.e., Advertisement, Ease of Search on Supplier Website, Supplier                                                    Presence at Scientific Meetings)

•           Knowledge of supplier products (i.e., Familiarity with Products, Level of Product Innovation)

•           Selection of Supplier Products (i.e., Supplier Web site, Satisfaction with Pricing and Promotions, Coverage of Entire Workflow with Supplier Products)

•           Product Integrity (i.e., Condition of Product Deliveries, Clarity of Product Instructions, User Friendly Design, Eco-Friendly Packaging)

•           Service Provided (i.e., Helpfulness of Sales Representatives, Assistance of Customer Service before/during Purchase)

•           Supplier Support (i.e., Responsiveness of Sales Reps, Helpfulness of Technical Support)

•           Satisfaction and Loyalty (i.e., Overall Satisfaction with Products and Services, Overall Experience, Likelihood to Recommend Supplier)


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Add Data Set $1,200
Additional Print Copies X $300 ea.

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