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eMarketing to Life Scientists: Raise Your Voice Above the Noise (2011)

Report # 11-001
Publication Date Feb 2011
Page Count 172
Publisher BioInformatics

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For suppliers who want to develop a thoughtful eMarketing strategy, this report is designed to be used as a tactical guide for harnessing the power of the Internet to reach out to customers in a meaningful way. eMarketing to Life Scientists: Raise Your Voice Above the Noise (11-001) identifies where scientists spend their time on the Internet and how they rely on the Internet to inform their buying decisions.

Use this report to:

  • Identify preferred eMarketing channels by level of Internet use
  • Reveal customer preferences for format, content, and frequency of supplier-generated emails
  • Provide tips on how to enhance click-through rates for supplier ads
  • Find out how customers prefer to search for information on supplier’s websites
  • Highlight supplier websites that offer the most relevant product and/or service information
  • Evaluate customer’s experience on over 25 leading suppliers’ websites
  • Examine social media usage by life scientists both in mainstream and on science specific sites
  • And MORE



• Geographic Region
• Market Segment
• Years of Experience

Electronic Sources of Information

• Types used to support research/work
• Frequency of use
Communicating with Vendors via Social Media
• Perceived credibility of information conveyed though social media
• Perceived credibility of vendors’ social media communication versus those of peers
• Likelihood of responding to vendor requests for opinions via social media
• Quantitative reactions to vendors participating in social media
• Qualitative reactions to vendors participating in social media
• Preferred methods to receive social media communication
from vendors
• Selected social media use by vendor
• Social media effects on relationship with vendors
• Best social media content by vendor
• “Most entertaining” social media content by vendor
• “Most responsive” via social media content by vendor

Communicating with Vendors via Email

• Most satisfying types of vendor responses requests for contact
• Subscription and typical readership of emails by vendor
• Vendor offers most likely to entice email list subscription
• Importance of explicit declaration of privacy/vendor not selling contact information
• Type of information willing to provide when subscribing to a vendor’s email list
• Frequency of making up information when subscribing to a vendor’s email list
• Preferred frequency of informational emails
• Day and/or time more likely to read a vendor email
• Influence of “sender name” on decision to open vendor emails
• Influence of subject line on decision to open vendor emails
• Content most likely to encourage click-throughs
• Likelihood to click on a link in a vendor email
• Importance of informational links in a vendor email
• Factors that make vendor emails “more interesting”
• Email communication preferences
• Reasons for unsubscribing from a vendor email list

Connecting with Vendors via Vendor Websites

• Vendor websites regularly visited
• “Best” websites by vendor, and reasoning
• Frequency of vendor website visitation
• Frequency and type of activities performed on vendor websites
• Helpfulness of vendor website activities
• Satisfaction with specific aspects of vendor websites
• Overall satisfaction with vendor websites
• Vendor website features liked most and found “most annoying”
• Suggestions for vendor websites to increase usefulness with respect to scientists’ research/work 

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