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We're thankful, too. As thanks for making the tools that enable scientist to do their jobs, we're offering our recent best-sellers at a fraction of the cost through November. Check out our 2012 report sale for some good reads to keep you engrossed as the weather turns this fall—heartwarming findings about how to e-market to scientists and tales of customer and tech support successes and failures. Also stuffed into the horn of plenty is our guide to improve sales reps' performance—marked down for the first time since publication. Buy these 2011 and 2012 reports at 40% off. Buy 2, and get the second one at 50% off.

Make a cup of hot chocolate and curl up in an easy chair for some smart end-of-year reading!

Promotion ends November 30th

Regularly $3,200, get these reports at $1,920 until November 30.*

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Brand Performance in the Life Science Industry for FREE.

eMarketing to Life Scientists: Raise Your Voice Above the Noise (#11-001)
• Design emails your customers will read
• Learn how scientists search on websites
• Understand how scientists use social media
• Choose the right eMarketing channels

The 2012 Market for Antibodies (#12-001)
• Identify top suppliers
• Determine top supplier market share
• Assess growth potential
• Measure customer satisfaction
Customer Service and Technical Support for Life Science Products: (#11-002)
• Optimize customer service/tech support departments
• Benchmark major suppliers' service offerings
• Identify scientists' preferences for resolving issues
Life Science Sales Reps: A Guide to Best Practices in 2012 (#12-002)
• Learn what scientists expect from their reps
• Find out how scientists shop for instruments and consumables
• Identify value-added tactics
• Benchmark performance of leading supplier sales reps
Maximize Your Share of the Life Science Instrumentation Market (#11-004)
• Assess the brand health of life science instrument brands
• Trend the major instrument brands' performance over the past 2 years
• Measure the level of satisfaction with and loyalty to instrument brands

*Prices are for print copy only. Please click through on individual reports for site and enterprise-wide pricing.

Click on report title to order online. Or, contact Mary Follin at 703.778.3080 x13 or mfollin@gene2drug.com

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